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Everyone loves a good origin story, and Simply Subs is no exception! Nestled in the heart of Hampton, Simply Subs offers delicious sub sandwiches crafted with love. But where did this love story with subs begin?

Simply Subs isn’t just another sub shop; it’s a story of passion, family, and the Jersey Shore. It all began with a trip to Wildwood, New Jersey, in the 1970s for a young Ron Annis. There, he encountered a legendary spot called Mr. D’s, where cheesesteaks were so good people waited in line for hours. That taste of Jersey magic stayed with Ron long after those vacations and trips ended.

Back in Pittsburgh’s North Side, Ron’s family owned a convenience store – AJ’s, named after his Father. It was a place for everyday essentials, but Ron yearned to bring a taste of Mr. D’s to his community. He carved out a section of the store and started offering cheesesteaks. The key ingredient? The unique buns inspired by Mr. D’s, specially made with the local water of the East Coast. Some say it was the sea-water that made the buns so delicious.

The gamble paid off. Business boomed, with lines forming for Ron’s delicious cheesesteaks. Then came a setback. The baker who made the special rolls decided to stop production. Sadly, after three successful years, Ron had to close the sub counter within the convenience store.

Fast forward 30 years. Life took Ron into the construction business, but the dream of bringing back those Jersey-style cheesesteaks never faded. He’d often pass by a vacant property in Hampton, thinking it would be the perfect spot. Finally, he took the leap, renovated the space, and in a short time, Simply Subs was born.

Today, Simply Subs in Hampton is a thriving business. They still use the same recipe and found a new source for the signature hoagie rolls, a taste that brings back memories of the Jersey Shore for some customers. It’s a testament to Ron’s dedication to quality and his love for sharing a taste of his own personal history.

But Simply Subs isn’t just about reliving the past. They’re constantly innovating, offering new and exciting menu items to keep things fresh. So next time you’re in Hampton, stop by Simply Subs and experience a taste of history – a delicious journey that began on the sunny shores of Wildwood, New Jersey.

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